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  1. Be grateful in Thailand for a government that has so far protected very well the health of the people, enabling at least the internal economy to survive reasonable. Here in UK, with same population as Thailand, wee have 70,000 deaths compared to Thailand’s figure about 1,000 times lower. Back here in UK - our clown government is making an even worse job of ramping up vaccination as they did with testing. Promised 30 million doses of the Oxford vaccine by October. Delivered so far - only 500,000. Now promising 2 million a week by mid January. So 6 months late with the 3 亚洲美女人体艺术 亚洲美女人体艺术 ,亚洲三级高清免费 亚洲三级高清免费 ,爱的色放韩国电影 爱的色放韩国电影
  2. Steady on. You seem to be clutching to straws to criticise here. Come to the UK and you will see that for a country of the same population as Thailand there have been a factor of 1,000 more deaths and cases and the UK economy is wrecked. Thailand’s 1,000 times better performance was NOT a matter of luck as you profess. So you should count Thailand lucky they had the government you call imbeciles. I wish we had had some of them here in London!!!
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  3. At that point I think the UK govt FCO site started advising against all but essential travel to Thailand - which disabled most insurance policies. I might be wrong but I seem to remember that in that period.
  4. I’m a Brit. I had a commitment to keep in Thailand earlier in 2020 and have only now (20 December) got Certificate of Entry to enter with Non-O retirement visa. Now I am beating-up myself that I didn’t make efforts to do it earlier. But now my recollection is hazy of the dates/timing of developments with FCO dropping advice against travel to TH; and Thailand ending the ban on international flights and then opening up with the CoE process - and I’m wondering if I could have gone much earlier. Can anyone with a better memory tell me when would have been the earliest possible t
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